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Bismilah Rice Ceo Zulfiqar Ali


 Bismillah Sehla Processing Plant (Pvt) Ltd.>> Best Basmati Rice ExPorter

BSPP is a visionary establishment of our forefathers. They were primarily growers, always obsessed with the thought that the real aroma & taste of world’s best Basmati Rice must reach the end consumer. The company has excellence through quality conscious policies that includes producing Food Safety for Human Consumption. Secrets of our success are simple & practical. We believe customer’s satisfaction is our success and that is what will make us remain committed to our mission.

Manager Of Bismilah Rice Mills

G.M Muhammad Mujeeb(Export Manager)

                          is an energetic young man who keeps himself updated on day to day developments in international rice marketing trade.He takes care of packing & logistics,fully aware  of modern cultivation storage teachniques with in-depth knowlwdgw of physical,chemical & biological properties of rice.